Discover the Amazing Weight loss & Health Benefits of Red Tea

One of the major mistakes that most dieters make is not monitoring what they consume. As a matter of fact, the fluids that your drink affects your health and waistline in a big way, just like the non-fat burning food you eat.

This means that if you are determined to lose weight, then you must be ready to sacrifice drinking alcohol or soda. But, what about black tea or green tea? Is taking these dieters tea safe or could they also make you gain weight?

Green Tea

The answer to this question might surprise you. Despite the fact that many dieters think that green tea, specifically, is helpful in reducing weight and not gaining further, the truth is that it is not guaranteed.

Facts About Green Tea

According to various research studies, green tea does not influence your weight loss. For instance, a study that was featured in the European journal titled: Clinical Nutrition, in 2009 claimed to discover that green tea extracts have no influence in the resting metabolic rate of twelve standard weight men who were under the study.

Additionally, a Cochrane Review of green tea study also discovered that it’s contribution to weight loss to obese or overweight adults is very small or insignificant amount. It further noted that routine intake of green tea didn’t enable people to burn fat or reduce weight.

If you are also adding sugar to the green tea, then this is another sources of calories that can easily go unnoticed. Experts argue that people who take dieter’s tea mixed with sugar have a high chance of consuming 300 calories or even more in a single day.

What About Black Tea?

Black Tea

The Black tea or commonly known as burnt green tea is not different from regular green tea since it has lots of caffeine. In turn, consuming excessive amounts of caffeine can trigger heart palpitations, nausea, jittery feelings, and vomiting.

Even if you ingest decaffeinated black or green tea, the process used to decaffeinate kills all the natural ingredients. Therefore, it is wise to consume tea which naturally has zero caffeine.

Another major issue is that black tea is often mixed with milk. And that slows the rate of absorption of important antioxidants and polyphenols. Skim milk is even worse in slowing the process than whole milk.

So, if green tea and black tea are not the best for burning fat and reducing weight, which drink should a determined dieter’s tea lover take?

Introducing Red Tea – The Dieter’s Tea

The solution was discovered in Kenya; a country in Africa, where certain tribes take red tea to get rid of hunger pangs as they hunt for the next meal.

Red tea serves a great purpose apart from eliminating hunger pangs, it boosts energy and enhances fat burning without depending on caffeine. Yes, red tea doesn’t contain caffeine.
Therefore red tea is the ideal dieter’s tea. It is delicious and energizing, be it cold or hot. This is because it helps in:

  • Reducing fat storing hormones.
  • Clearing toxins.
  • Promoting production of hormones that burn fat.
  • Balancing insulin.
  • Naturally reducing stress.

Tea from Africa

The Study Behind Red Tea

With several years studying the side effects and the benefits of each ingredient that is used in making red tea. I also found out that they are easily found in local supermarkets. The blend of these ingredients makes the red tea crucial in fat burning and metabolism boosting. And these ingredients are not included in black or green tea.

Red tea does not contain any caffeine, gluten, dairy, sugar and it is veggie and vegan safe.

It makes a great option instead of caffeine, with no jitters resulting to rapid and safe “flush of fat away.” Red tea also has no carbohydrates or fats. The flavor is slightly sweet and mild. In addition, red tea does not contain oxalic acid, this means that it does not expose you to kidney stones, different from green or black teas which contain extreme lots of tannin and can bind together iron.

Why Red Tea Is Superior

Something great about red tea is the fact that it contains high amounts of antioxidants which protects you against the damage resulting from toxins produced in your body and proven to contain an antiviral, antiphrastic, and antibacterial action to enhance your immunity.

Red Tea pouring in cup

In short, drinking sweet red tea goes beyond just halting hunger, it can reverse the harm resulting from the increase of toxins in the fat cells through its strong antioxidants.

This is the reason I believe that the ultimate solution for dieters who are struggling to cut fat is using red tea.

With sweet red tea, you don’t need doctor’s attention, no lessons on losing weight, no costly bills, no intense workouts and no starving yourself among other issues.

Even better, it enables you to get rid of poisonous fat through collaborating with your body’s normal fat-burning metabolism; without making you feel hunger pangs or cravings.

Think About This:

  • Enjoying the foods you live for: be it a steak, desert, or beer completely worry-free.
  • Living free of countless trips to the doctor to get more pills and costly prescriptions.
  • Enjoy your life, hassle free without obsessing over every single calorie you intake.
  • All with the assurance of immunity through the aid of the strongest natural healing red teas known to mankind.

This is the best way to utilize a red tea detox program. You can also use it with other myth-busting diet techniques. Such as, ones that can help you get rid almost 14 pounds within 14 days.

A program like this can provide you with the secret recipes to burn the fat and losing weight. Especially, with unique ingredients available at any grocery stores at an affordable cost.

The program is also inclusive of:

A complete 2-week meal procedure strategy which includes delicious and satisfying meals to stop any yearning instantly.

This meal strategy has four phases: the first phase covers the Red Tea Detox from day one to five, the next phase runs through day 6. The third phase runs from day seven and eight while the last phase covers restriction of calories based on BMR.

a healthy woman jogging outdoors

The Red-Tea Workout schedule has the ability to double the results in your fat burning exercise.

This red tea detox willpower motivational and mindset plan, that enables you to overcome the common myths pertaining to willpower and also keeps you motivated to lose a large amount of fat.

Additionally, red tea detox functions well whether you are a man or woman. The amount of weight that you need to lose doesn’t matter a lot since it helps you to achieve the results that you desire.

Works For Anyone With the Right Desire

This program is for anyone whose objective is improving their health, particularly for those older than 35. The program is also applicable to anyone who needs to burn off stubborn fats around their thighs, butt, and belly.

Generally, it’s fit for anyone who needs to cut weight in a hunger-free and satisfactory way.

Regardless of how stubborn your belly fat is, this program will help you out. It enables you to unblock important metabolic fat-burning steps alongside restoring balance in the hormones that get rid of fat enabling you to be in control of your hormones that stores and burns fat in a simple way.

There is no detox program containing the 5 exceptional ingredients which have been proven scientifically to flush fat away, release stubborn fat deposits and clear stubborn fat cells.

Your body uses several steps to dispose of fat naturally. This means that even when only one step is obstructed, the whole fat loss routine will ceased and stop. This becomes even more crucial as you advance in age, as there are higher chances of any of these steps becoming blocked.

The Red Tea Detox System is 100% guaranteed to help. It unblocks all these steps to enable you to burn fat and get rid of the weight that you don’t need.


The Red Tea Detox

More About This Secret Dieter’s Tea That Burns Your Stubborn Layers of Fat in as Little as 14 Days!

As of now, you might be pretty familiar with green tea and black tea; but may just have heard of red tea from the article above? If so, I’ll ask you to spare a couple of minutes to read this short article. This is all the more relevant for dieters who are desperately trying to lose weight.

Red Tea also known as Rooibos

Wondering what red tea truly is? Well, like green or black tea, this is yet another tea that activates your body to burn those unwanted layers of fat. The only difference is that it works faster and tastes way better than your regular black or green tea.

Often touted as the ‘voodoo tea’ (for its miraculous benefits), this tea was first discovered in Africa where the Kenyan tribesmen frequently drank it to eliminate their hunger pangs. The rest, as we know, is history!! I’ve been personally using the tea in an attempt to lose 14 pounds in 14 days. And guess what? Till now, I already ended up losing 41 pounds and that too by simply drinking this tea.

My Story Isn’t Unique

Several thousands of people have added this tea to their diet after which they’ve witnessed miraculous weight loss in the shortest possible time. But how does one actually’ lose weight by simply drinking red tea? The idea is simple: the tea burns your octane fat, resists your hunger pangs and prevents the mood swings caused by low blood pressure.

And that’s not all! It also prevents the rebound weight gain (which is usually triggered when you skip meals), boosts your level of energy and ensures that you experience no energy slump throughout the day. In a way, this tea simply flushes your fat away, improves your health and maintains your overall well being.

Over the time, I’ve researched on the benefits of red tea, worked on a proper diet (for the ones looking to lose weight) and finally come up with this 14 day detox plan that uses this tea to the optimal level. This detox diet has been tried and tested and it yields extremely viable benefits.

This Detox Diet Follows Three Specific Principles.

A couple eating more food

Principle 1– The first principle of my diet plan focuses on why you should eat more to weigh less. Contrary to our age-old notion of eating less to weigh less, this has turned out to be highly effective for many individuals. Wondering how it works? Well, when you eat less, you end up feeling more deprived that affects your level of productivity. This means, you exercise for lesser hours and end up gaining more fat. And this is exactly the reason why I recommend people to eat more.

Principle 2– Reduce your stress levels to restore your hormonal balance. This second principle focuses on your overall well-being and ensures that you feel calmer and weigh significantly less.

a woman losing weight with red tea

Principle 3– The third principle focuses on how less exercise can help you lose a significant amount of weight. In recent years, scientists have made significant discoveries. And, one is what they labeled the exercise ‘sweet spot’. To put it simply: your body’s sweet spot is the level of exercise intensity where your body’s complete fat burning power is unleashed. Due to this reason, your body automatically draws on the stores of fat for fuel. It is therefore extremely important to exercise smarter, instead of exercising harder.

What About The Results?

Once you follow these principles right, the layers of fat under your skin will automatically vanish. The best part: you’ll easily drop a dress size/pant size in as little as two weeks. Your body too will become firm, sexy and well trimmed.

The Red Tea Detox System is designed with the idea of helping people lose weight faster. Once you follow this diet, there’s absolutely no possibility of diet failure, nor is there any scope of remorse. When you drink this tea regularly and follow the principles we’ve mentioned. You can easily shed around 10-50 pounds of weight in as less as two weeks.

With this amazing program, you can now wear the clothes you always wanted to wear. Feel the energy you always wanted to have. The best advantage of this diet plan is the fact that it is based on several years of research. In fact, almost 3 years on in-person testing. So if you’re looking to lose weight, all you have to do is repeat the principles. And before you know it, you’ll get your desired results.

African Tea

Lose the Weight In The Comfort Of Your Home.

One of the best and the biggest perks of this program is simply this. You won’t have to travel all the way to Africa for sourcing the ingredients. Yes! You’ve guessed right! You can now easily make this dieter’s tea with the ingredients you have at home. The tea is also infused with some secret ingredients that work in its favor and help you with the fat burning weight loss. Although I can’t name these ingredients, I can definitely elucidate you about their benefits. Here’s what you need to know below:

Secret Ingredients To The Red Tea Detox

Secret Ingredient #1– This ingredient is rich in bioflavonoid which works with the stress hormones that lead to hunger (and storage of fat), curbs its impact and infuses your body with glucose. To put it simply: it increases your insulin resistance. Then, maintains your blood sugar levels in addition to helping you deal with hunger pangs.

Secret Ingredient #2– This second ingredient works by decreasing the calorie intake in your system by simply blocking the digestion of dietary fat. It also acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation.

example of the Red Tea Detox ingredients

Secret Ingredient #3– This third ingredient plays a vital role in increasing your blood flow and stimulating the secretion of adrenaline. This boosts your metabolic rate of burning fat while also improving the insulin sensitivity and lowering cholesterol.

Secret Ingredient #4– This fourth secret ingredient is highly diuretic in nature. In other words, it promotes your flow of urine without affecting the excretion of the levels of sodium. As well as the potassium in your system.

Secret Ingredient #5– This final ingredient helps your body in metabolizing carbs more effectively. It stimulates your metabolism, reduces the resistance of insulin and keeps you healthy and fit all way round.

Where To Get This Amazing Red Tea Detox Program

In case you’re looking to find more about this program, click here to visit The Red Tea Detox website.


The Red Tea Detox